• 500-2000L Fed-batch equivalent
  • Accomodates 6x-20x cell culture cartridges
  • Linear scale-up from C3’s benchtop systems
  • Single-use cultureware is supplied sterile and ready to use
  • Integrated refrigerator for continuous harvest
  • Fully automated control of pH, incubator and refrigerator
    temperature, pumps, and EC Cycling (tissue perfusion)
  • Remote monitoring and alarm system
  • Electronic log records raw materials, technician log-ins,
    process changes, periodic sensor values, and alarms
AcuSyst-Xcellerator - Flexible production scale bioreactor

Flexible Facilities: Up to 2,000L cell culture in the space of a refrigerator


  • Manufactures expressed proteins from mammalian and insect cell lines:
    • Monoclonal antibodies
    • Recombinant proteins
  • Supports adherent and suspension cells
  • Diagnostic, therapeutic, veterinary, and research applications
Xcellerator Cultureware: 6x-20x culture cartridges

Xcellerator Cultureware: 6x-20x culture cartridges


  • Perfusion
  • Extended Run Lengths
  • Automation
  • Continuous Harvest
  • Concentrated Product
  • Compact with Wheels
  • Multiple Cultureware Size Options
  • Single-Use


  • Supports high cell density for
    maximum production
  • Production flexibility
  • Decreases labor, protects quality
  • Protects product by collecting into
    a refrigerator
  • Reduces downstream processing
    Easily rearrange facilities
  • Choose production scale to match
    batch size needs
  • No cleaning validation, rapid
    turnaround time


  • Weight:
    • 418 kg
  • Facility Temperature:
    • 18-20°C ambient
  • Facility Requirements:
    • 100% CO2, 14-16 psi
  • Dimensions (cm):
    • 134 W x 85 D x 203 H
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • Single phase, 100-230 VAC, peak draw 5,000 Watts