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NCCC_horizontal_high_resolution_croppedThe National Cell Culture Center (NCCC) was established by the National Institutes of Health in 1989. It is currently operated by and housed at Biovest International, Inc. as a resource facility that provides large-scale mammalian cell culture services. The goal of the NCCC is to help meet the cell culture needs of biomedical and academic researchers by providing the facilities and expertise required for large-scale cell culture. We provide this service at a discounted rate compared to other contract manufacturing organizations.

During its 25+ year history with the NCCC, Biovest has expanded over 2,650+ cell lines in suspension or monolayer cultures. Many of these cell lines have been referenced in various journal articles. Common cell lines such as HeLa, CHO, HEK293 are routinely produced, as well as custom and unique lines supplied by researchers. We have also expanded insect cell lines and hybridomas.

As an optional and free courtesy, we can store a portion of your expanded cell line for future orders so that you need not send a fresh batch of cells every time.

Our minimum order quantities for whole cells are the following:

  • Suspension cells: 10 liters
  • Adherent cells: 10 roller bottles

Typical cell yields for one liter of suspension cell culture is ~5 x 108 cells. For adherent lines, one roller bottle typically yields 2 x 108 cells (within the 1,000 cm2 area). Final cell quantities will vary depending on the individual cell line.

At the NCCC, we can culture from 10-400 liters of suspension cells and from 10-200 roller bottles of adherent cells. Large-scale (50 mg -100 grams) production of purified monoclonal antibody is also possible. We are adept at production scale-up of non-hybridoma cell-secreted proteins and other conditioned media.

Every cell line we receive is individually handled using dedicated equipment and supplies. We follow standard operating and validation procedures and strict quality control methods that are similar to those outlined for Quality Systems Regulation (QSR). Additionally, our QSR covers personnel training, documentation, facility and equipment, Quality Control (QC), production and distribution procedures.

Finally, all culture work we complete using your unique cell line is confidential. No other customers have access to your cell line or cell-derived products. When your project is complete, we can return all your cell line materials, store a sample at the NCCC, or specify that all supplied materials be destroyed immediately.

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